The venerable aboriginal sequoia, ancient of other days, keeps you at a distance, taking no notice of you, speaking only to the winds, thinking only of the sky
John Muir

Sequoia was inspired by these giants: a living thing that can be over 200 feet tall and over 2,000 years old. The music is an acoustic environment where many past influences come together as a forest of ideas.




Joe Ross, Bluegrass Now review (excerpt):

With "Sequoia," accomplished string musician Gary Leek gives us an enjoyable acoustic set of original instrumentals that incorporate elements of Celtic, jazz, and bluegrass. This album offers a nice variety of rhythms and tempos that tickle the aural palate. Leek's notes and phrases make coherent statements, as his musical vision is conveyed with emotional content and character. Leek uses alternate tunings to develop different moods -- standard tuning, DADGAD, and a dulcimer-like CGDGGD tuning."Sequoia" is a magical sojourn by a master who leads us through a stimulating musical journey of life, inspiration, and joy. I hear the rhythms of the forest, and "Sequoia" illuminates those natural surroundings. Whether the focus is up close on a butterfly or grasshopper, or wistfully floating with clouds, Gary Leek has managed to capture and share his arboreal thoughts and reflections in fine musical form.

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Song samples from Sequoia:

  Old Man's Dream   Newbee   Up to the Sky   Desert Blues



Fremont Cover

My latest cd is   

Back in the day, we used to hang out at a house on Fremont street. The house eventually became "Fremont". It was a gathering place where things would happen spontaneously. With many different people coming around, it was also a good place to get exposed to new music because the stereo was always playing something different. That musical melting pot affected the music we wrote and played later.

I met Richie Burgess right before we played at Fremont, and we continued to play ever since. When we met, Richie and I quickly realized that we had both taken lessons from Herman Roloff, so we immediately played several songs that Herman had arranged for our bands when we were younger. It was an instant foundation for whatever we played after that.

The first song on the CD, “Fremont”, is what you would have heard in the kitchen at Fremont. Making its recorded debut on the song “Garp” is Richie’s Garp - a bybrid guitar and harp instrument. The song “Herman” is dedicated to our teacher, mentor and friend. That song also contains a tip of the hat to the “Whiter Shade of Pale” days in Rockford. Remember that organ solo?

“West Shore”, “Richie’s Place”, “Sting”, “Inside Out”, “Snow Sculpture” are all from the Sketch band era. “Needs No Intro” is the first version of that song, which then was reworked a bit and appears on the Sequoia CD. One unique aspect of our musical interaction was an inclination to play whatever came into our heads. “Spontaneous Woodhead” is an example of one of those moments when the recorder just happened to capture the moment. Many of the songs on this CD were recorded live, with a bass guitar overdubbed later. I have also included several new songs like “Lingering” and “Foxtrot”. “Sea Lion” is the full version of the music used as the soundtrack for "A Thousand Invisible Kindnesses", which is about the "Bread for the Journey" organization.

Here are some clips from   

  fremont   Sea Lion   Woodhead

  is a limited edition that is only available from me directly. To order a copy, send an email to Gary at